Automotive Financial Services

At W.R. Phillips Subaru Taranaki, we have the benefit of being able to provide you with a range of competitive finance options, so that we can source the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Our range includes motor vehicle finance, leasing, insurance and warranty products.

Approval is quick and easy. For most deals we can get approval within an hour of submission. Ask for a quotation now or use our finance calculator. To apply for finance just click on the link below and fill out the simple credit application form. Contact our Finance and Insurance Manager for more information or if you would like to obtain a competitive quotation contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (06) 968 5679.

Accelerator Programme

Subaru’s Accelerator Programme is a flexible finance plan tailored to your needs, that can accelerate you into a brand new All-Wheel Drive Subaru. Choose your model, a deposit that works for you, set your payment terms and annual mileage, then jump behind the wheel. And at the end of your finance period, you can decide if you retain it, trade it in for the latest model or return it. Plus, based on the agreed terms, we guarantee the minimum future value of your vehicle at the time of purchase, so you’ll know exactly what the vehicle will be worth at the time of your final payment.*

Accelerator Programme
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Finance for Any Vehicle

Finance is available for all vehicle makes and models regardless of whether you’re purchasing your vehicle from us.

Found a great vehicle at another dealership or via a private buyer? Speak to us about arranging finance; we have very competitive rates and packages available and there’s no cost involved in exploring your options.

Consumer Credit & Business Credit

This is based on the vehicle of your choice, and is also owned by you, the customer. Once again, you have the option of putting in a deposit, or you can base it upon a no deposit deal.

Payment options are flexible, and include residual (balloon) payment options as well, subject to finance company approval. If you are GST registered, you can claim the full amount of GST paid on the vehicle when you complete your next return. We can then put this amount into your payments to reduce the amount paid per month if you so require.

There are two types of Leases available, Operating Lease and Financial Lease (known also as Lease to Own). An Operating Lease has two options also, Fully Maintained and Non Maintained. Also available is the standard Hire Purchase Contract.

Operating Lease - Maintained

This is a vehicle chosen by you but owned by the lease company. All Service, WOF and Registration costs are included in the monthly payment, with the only costs required by you, the customer is the normal day to day running. Tyres are normally included also, on a replacement cycle of a new set every 40,000km's traveled. These can be excluded though, talk to us regarding the best option to suit your needs. At the end of the lease term, the vehicle is handed back to the lease company and you walk away with no further obligation to the vehicle.

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Finance at WR Phillips

Operating Lease - Non Maintained

Once again, this is a vehicle chosen by you but owned by the lease company. However all Service, WOF and Registration costs are met by you, the customer, in addition to the normal day to day running costs. Again, at the end of the lease term, the vehicle is handed back to the lease company and you walk away with no further obligation to the vehicle.

Calculate your Repayments

Use our Finance Calculator as a guide to work out your repayment amounts and final payment date based on various interest rates, and then get in touch with us to confirm the details.

application will result in a quick turnaround. As mentioned, we are able to get you two quotes for consideration.

Loan Amount

Loan Term

Loan Interest


*Figures shown are exclusive of GST. This calculator is provided only as a general self-help planning tool. Results depend on various factors and we do not guarantee the accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances. This does not constitute as a formal quote.

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